Erotic Story TO Turn You On

During the days of megarider the KBS buses used to be packed such that you could not move a muscle without upsetting fellow commuters.

One Monday evening in June when the Kenyan ‘winter” was at its worst I managed to board a No. 40 to ngummo, i had a kaSQ there and my job was paying peanuts.

by the time we left GPO one could hardly breath, the bus was those ramshackle ones and most of its lights we not working plunging it in darkness. When we reached community one of the commuters in front of me adjusted herself to be more comfortable but unwittingly ended up with her ass pressing my groin. Suddenly i could feel our body heat rising and despite of my fervent prayers my dick started to get hard. I tried to shift my thoughts to my nasty boss or even hum some hymn but it was like nothing else existed but the sensations below the belt. to make matters worse the constant movement made the lady grind her ass more frequently.

You got to understand why I was fearful, I my mind i had no doubt that should the lady raise alarm that i was molesting her (of course i wasn’t but who would listen to my pleas) i would have been beaten senseless just like mobs treated pick pockets.
They say if something can go wrong it will. it happened that there was the legendary Ngong road traffic jams and all the bus driver could was to make short drives the slam on the breaks. this movement made me look like i was humping the lady. By the time we got to KNH my rod was rock hard and pressed firmly in the lady’s butt crack. I saw the lady change her hands holding the overhead bar and in a second i felt a hand pull down my zipper and my underwear. Panic set in as i thought some naughty person was playing with me only to realize twas the mama.

I threw caution to the air and using my free hard managed to hike her skirt. my Dick made contact with bare flesh. the lady pushed her ass towards me and it slid between her thighs. For distance i guess twas city mortuary round about we stayed that we and when we reached Mbagathi i felt her push down her pantie and arched herself forward. I felt her pubic hair but couldn’t get in.

In desperation she pushed her ass further.. I heard someone complain to her but i bet none of as heard what he said for my dick was sliding into her pussy. The bus did the rest and just before we reached Kenyatta market i felt her squeeze her thighs together and bathe my dick in her wetness and in blew my load…

I cannot remember how I disembarked and I did not even see her face but by the time i got to my SQ i was worrying about the entire thing with AIDS and stuff.