It’s not just a fad, it’s a true story and timeless fact: sex toys give the best orgasm…and our collection at is all you need for all your sexual fantasies. It’s just not easy for beginners to know where to start, but our collections and guides will get you set and ready to join the revolution in as little time as you have. Read along and get to know which toy you need and what you need to keep in mind to exceed your expectations. From strap on dildos, vibrators, anal sex toys, to bondage adult toys. All in one place for you to choose from.

Strap on and Dildos

Everyone remembers their first shot at dildos. Always hidden under the sheet or deep in your closet where no one will ever know about it, leave alone stumble upon some portable dick. Understandably, it better remaining a secret sometimes but making a dildo your trusted friend is a first step to achieving sexual satisfaction. Whether you are seeking to please your partner or just have some fun by yourself, dildos offer you a rare opportunity. Here’s why.
Dildos (and strap on dildos) are the perfect choice for those seeking something a bit more realistic in their sex toys. These toys give an excellent internal stimulation to orgasm and they can hit your G-spot with little effort. The trick to using them is just finding the right angle to stimulate your body into candy land.

Dildos come in a wide array and in numerous types, but the most popular types are the realistic and glass dildos. The realistic experience that comes with dildos is an irresistible feel. Glass dildos are common for their unique sensation and they offer a firm touch that can send anyone into ecstasy.

Some dildos are simplistic in the sense that they offer fewer options, but if you are feeling more adventurous then there are several options to choose from, including double-ended and strap on dildos. A little lube will can accentuate the sexual sensation. There are many kinds of dildos, but the ultimate choice should be guided by your desires and experiences with the toys.


For most women, a clitoral stimulation is the easiest way to achieve an orgasm. That is why vibrators, just like dildos, are popular adult toys. There are a variety of vibrators and each kind has unique features it brings to the bedroom. While some of these toys offer a simple, soft-toned experience, some kinds such as shaft vibrators and wand massagers can foster a serious punch and may require a little more experience or if you are outright seeking a full-blown sex-toy experience. For starters, however, the clit-stimulating bullet vibrator is one of the ideal options. This model of vibrators offers maximum discretion thanks to their little size, but that does not limit their ability to create a fierce kick that will make you fall in love with them. Many come with adjustable speed and power settings, so you get to play around with the different feelings it triggers and take full control of the direction of the experience.

Anal Sex Toys

Anal dildo
Anal sex toys take you beyond conventional sex practices and are a perfect fit for more adventurous experiences. Once you have mastered the basics of sex toys and overcome the fear of anal play, anal sex toys should be top on your list. Anal play will make your realize how rich the area is in terms of nerve endings. To take full advantage of the potential for epic sexual experiences that anal sex offers, use your mental power in tandem with the power of the sex toy.

With the variety in anal sex toys, it becomes quite a challenge to know where to start. Anal beads are perhaps your best friend if you are just starting out with anal sex toys. Anal beads give you the opportunity to start with the smallest-sized beads and work your way up to taking all of the sizes out there.

And then there are anal dildos. These dildos promise to give a greater sensation and they do not disappoint. Anal dildos come in different shapes and sizes, with each feature offering unique experiences that are ideal for all – women, couples, and men.

A tip to keep in mind when using anal sex toys, have plenty of lube at your side. We promise you that you will keep wanting more.

Male Sex Toys

There are options for men too, and plenty of them! There are many varieties of male sex toys and you are bound to find something that fits your fancy. Ranging from sleeves and strokers to realistic vaginas, and from prostate toys to sex dolls, the options are endless and the experiences memorable. For starters, fleshlights are the ideal option mainly because they combine a discrete advantage and an epic sensation. With sleeves that offer a fee; of a real vagina, the experience is worth every bit.


Bondage takes sex to a whole new level. Whether you are just looking for simple blindfolds, handcuffs and feather ticklers, or complex bondage furniture and gags, offers you the best collection. Our collection of bondage sex toys also includes restraints, whips, paddles, masks, clamps, rope, tape, ties, costumes and collars. Want to become a certified bondage babe? Choose your heart’s desire, close the curtains crack the whip, and submit to your desires.

Sex Toys for Couples

There are lots of toys to intensify your sexual experience with your partner. Sex toys are a unique way to enhance your connection and build greater trust and friendship with your partner. Plenty of options are designed just for couples, and they are a good bet to make your bedsheets steamier.

Vibrators are the most popular option for when you and your partner are just starting out with sex toys or you’ve already come to terms with them. At Nairobi Siri, our vibrators come in various shapes and sizes. The collection includes small finger vibes to large toys with various speeds and pulse patterns among other features. Dildos, strap-on, anal sex toys, bullet vibrators, slip-on finder vibes, and vibrating rings are just some of the common examples. Some options are kinkier and fit the desires of partners seeking to explore BDSM-inspired adult toys.